Class Project 3rd R

Foot lunch

As a class project the twelve four Restaurant Bar Service decided to organized a tournament between all the third year classes. As a final outcome there would be a Foot lunch for the first and second places as well for the organizing class.

It was the first game of the tournament between 3rdR vs 3rdE. The final score was 3-2 for 3rd R.

This game between 3rdC and 3rdA finish 0-5. The winning team was the 3rdA. 

Game 3rdE vs 3rdD. In this game 3rdE took forward for a significant score of 5-1.
In the semi finals the teams 3rdR vs 3rdC and 3rdA vs 3rdE face each other and final outcome was the victory of 3rdC and 3rdA, chosen to face each other in the finals.

The final game took place on the eleventh of April 2016 between 3rdC vs 3rdA.

The winning team was 3rdA who won for 2-1 the game.

On the thirteen of April 2016 was the lunch for the first, second place and the organizers.

After lunch the medals were delivered to the winners, 3rdA. 

The winning team, 3rdA.

And in the end, there was the first, second place and the class that organized the Foot Lunch, mission accomplished with everybody as a team! 

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